About Councilwoman
Fran Ritter

Fran’s Accomplishments as a Councilwoman

  • Prevented the Mayor’s plan to give himself a 647% pay raise and lucrative pension package from being rubber-stamped by the majority of the Council 

  • Protected our children by installing a legal crosswalk and guardrail-protected sidewalk providing safe crossing from Wayne Hills High School across Berdan Avenue

  • Procured a $15 million federal road safety grant for the redesign and reconstruction of the treacherous Valley Road 

  • Proposed the only solutions of the Mayor, Administration and Council to stop the continued residential overdevelopment of Wayne 

Fran Ritter and her kids
Fran Ritter under a tree

Fran's Leadership Before Becoming a Councilwoman

Fran had proven herself as an effective advocate for transparency, integrity and accountability in her community:

  • Fran is an Attorney with over 25 years of experience enforcing antifraud regulation making her uniquely-suited to take on the conflicts and collusion permeating local government

  • Fran served as President of her homeowner's association. Under Fran’s leadership:

    • Fran increased her HOA’s capital reserve funding from $200,000 to $4 million in less than four years

    • Fran won a $1.1 million settlement for restitution to her HOA’s capital reserves for the corrupt actions of her predecessors

    • Fran completed a major townhome and slope stabilization project along with renovations to 11 three-story residential buildings